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Here comes the season of colds and flu!!!

Could it spare us this year? Here are 9 nutritional tips to consider so that we may evade it…

Now that we’re in the fall season and soon winter will knock at our doors with all its evils. It is a fact that when outside temperature varies downward, our body becomes fragile and makes us more vulnerable to colds and flu. On the other hand, it’s good to know that we can often avoid such colds and flu when we adopt a healthy and varied diet which we should associate to a good balance between physical activity and sleep time. Such a lifestyle may help us strengthen our immune system and spare us these winter ailments.

1 – Fruits and vegetables at every meal. Let’s always take a full load of vitamins by way of diversifying the colors of fruits and vegetables we consume. The key vitamin is vitamin C (oranges, clementinas, kiwis, cabbage, etc.). Also, fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants that can get us rid of free radicals and defend us against viruses. Let’s note also that garlic and onions should be chosen regularly as they are rich in vitamin C and selenium which strengthen our immune system.
2 – Seafood, chicken, veal liver and leguminous plants. These foods are rich in zinc, an antioxidant whose role is to stimulate our immune system.
3 – Fish, 2 to 3 times per week. Fish improves our immune function due to its richness in essential fatty acids and omega-3.
4 – Walnuts, almonds and all other seeds, including flax seeds, are also to be consumed during this season.
5 – We must AVOID fried foods, deli meats, pastries and all fatty and heavy meals since such foods deplete our body and makes it more vulnerable to infections.
6 – Hydration is essential too. Although the urge to drink is less obvious during winter than in summer time, we must remember to take a sufficient amount of water since a good hydration limits the progression of infections. We could also choose to have soups, tea and herbal teas that will help us stay well hydrated. By cons, we should always evade too sugary drinks; their consumption affects negatively our immune system.
7 – We need to engage in regular physical activity. Not only does it help us fight stress by releasing endorphins, but it also strengthens our immune system and helps us resist viral attacks.
8 – Stress is one of the greatest enemies of our immune system. Let’s learn how to manage our stress and let’s move away as far as we could from stressful situations (work, family, etc.) that deplete the body and make it less able to defend itself.
9 – Do not hesitate to choose a relaxing activity like yoga for example. It helps us relieve stress, sleep better, and therefore, it makes us ready to fight winter infections.


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