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Minced meat!! Here are 5 precautions to consider…

Minced meat is a product we usually buy to prepare a variety of Lebanese meals… But… Beware! Minced meat is a fragile product that needs special handling based on strict rules. Indeed, the procedure of mincing meat implies increasing its surface of contact with ambient air, this being an important factor promoting the faster development of harmful microorganisms within it.

In order for us to overcome this health risk, let’s examine the following 5 precautions that ensure the proper handling, storage and cooking of minced meet:
1- First of all, and as always, we must pay great attention to the cold chain. The purchased minced meet (always at the end of our visit to the supermarket) should be stored during transport in a single-use insulated bag, especially in hot weather or whenever the trip between the supermarket (or butchery) and the house is quite long.
2- Once at home, that meat should be placed in a separate plate away from other raw products, in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Minced meat should be cooked as soon as it is bought and brought home.
3- If you wish to eat it raw (an idea that I don’t favor at all), it is imperative that this meat is consumed immediately after mincing it and without delay.
4- If you wish to eat it cooked, it should be cooked soon after purchase and consumed within two days maximum after cooking it.
5- It is not advisable to keep raw minced meat in the freezer.

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