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But what is that celiac disease then?

Well, we’re talking here about a chronic disease which attacks the intestine (to be only determined by your doctor based on medical tests and analyses) and is triggered by the consumption of gluten (which is a mixture of proteins found in some cereals such as barley, rye, wheat, etc.).

The consumption of gluten by people having this disease causes an abnormal immune reaction in the small intestine and this leads to inflammation and damage to the gut wall. Therefore, and if such inflammation lasts for a while, the intestine which is damaged becomes unable to absorb a number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And this results in a malnourished person despite her following of a usual diet. Unfortunately, the only choice for people having this disease is to completely eliminate gluten and any product containing any trace of gluten from their diet.

Are you concerned by this… and already depressed?!! No! Don’t be. Very soon, we will discuss the foods that are allowed and recommended for people having this disease.


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