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Tomatoes… A natural anti-aging

A natural anti-aging, rich in lycopene and low in calories. The tomato is a “fruit” of the Solanaceae family (from a botanical point of view) although it is usually considered a vegetable. Our dear tomato is native of the Lower Andes; it was cultivated by the Aztecs of Mexico where it was called “tomatl” (or “fleshy fruit”). Subsequently, the Spanish gave it the name of “tomato” after Christopher Columbus introduced it to Spain in the early 16th century. It was only during the 18th century that the tomato became a widespread cooking ingredient in every home.

Low in calories, tomato is rich in water, in a variety of minerals and vitamins, in fiber and in antioxidants (natural anti-aging cells mightily fighting free radicals and providers of a radiant complexion to our skin). Tomatoes are an essential source of the precious lycopene, that red pigment that gives its color to the fruit. Lycopene is known for its protective effect against certain cancers, especially prostate cancer which does so much damage to men. Unlike most vitamins that are often lost during cooking, lycopene’s content increases and becomes much better absorbed when the tomato is cooked. Indeed, the amount of lycopene varies enormously between raw tomato (3 mg / 120 g) and tomato sauce (40 mg / 120 g).

Lastly, dear ladies, I encourage you to prepare to your dear sirs some delicious plates enriched with tomato sauce (UNLESS prohibited by the doctor); remember, however, to spread the least quantity of salt over your dishes.


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