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Gluten-free diet (1/2)

Lately, I hear more and more people talking about gluten-free diet which is becoming a “trend” to lose a few kilos, especially in America. Personally, I do not encourage this trend and, in addition, I always advise to consult a specialist before starting such a diet.

As I promised you a few days ago (see article of October 26 below), and before listing some of the foods that are allowed (and NOT all) for people hit with celiac disease, I would like to clarify some very important points: (1) before starting a gluten free diet, it is mandatory to perform an accurate diagnosis done by a medical specialist; (2) be aware that gluten can be present in foods or preparations in a masked and concealed form; (3) it has been shown that the risk of traces of gluten is still present in some preparations deemed not to contain such traces (contamination can occur during packing or bagging); (4) we must ensure that the medicines we may take do not contain gluten; (5) if in doubt about the composition of any product, it is best not to consume it.

Let’s move now to the list of allowed foods. Caution: these lists are only indicative and are not exhaustive. Always consult your physician for better personal information.

The main allowed products and foods are the following:

– Meat and poultry

– Fish, crustaceans and molluscs in their natural form, fish eggs.

– Eggs

– Milk

– Plain natural yoghurt

– White cheeses and “petits suisses” in their natural form.

– Grains and flours: corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, sesame and all their derivatives (in the form of starch, flour or cornstarch)

– Potatoes and potato starch

– Vegetables, whether fresh, dried, frozen in their natural form, canned in their natural form

– Fresh and frozen fruits in their natural form

– Delicatessen: cooked or raw ham, bacon, smoked or not

– Fats: butter, oil and fresh cream

– Sugary products: beet sugar, cane sugar, fructose, honey and jelly

– Drinks: all allowed (except beer and variegated drinks). Coffee in its natural form, freeze-dried coffee, tea, fruit juices and sodas

– Condiments: fine herbs, pure spices, pepper grains, pickles and salt.

Tomorrow, we will quickly discuss a list of the main foods and products that are to be avoided by people hit with celiac disease. In the meantime, I wish you a good reading.


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