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Gluten-free diet (2/2)

To conclude yesterday’s discussion, let me today provide you with a list of major products and foods that are FORBIDDEN for people suffering from celiac disease. Again, let me remind you that these lists are only indicative and are not exhaustive. Always consult your physician for better personal information.

The main forbidden products and foods are the following:

– Breaded or crusted meat and poultry

– Breaded fish, seafood quiche, surimi

– Yogurt with cereals, “petits suisses” with cereals, fresh cheeses with cereals

– Grains and flour: Wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives in the form of flour, cream, semolina, cakes, flakes, couscous and starches. Pasta, ravioli, borghol, bread (of all kinds), biscuits, pastries, donuts, pancakes, commercial pastry (sweet or savory biscuits), waffles.

– Vegetables: Industrial preparations are to be watched closely. When frying, do not use the same oil with which breaded products are prepared

– Fruits: Floured dried figs

– Delicatessen: Breaded ham, breaded pie

– Quiches, pizzas, ravioli, cannelloni

– Sugary Products: Pay attention to icing sugar (you must check if it contains any wheat starch)

– Drinks: Beer, variegated drinks, some beverage-making powders

– Condiments: Mixtures of ground spices (they may contain starch or wheat flour), some mustards, some curry, soy sauce.

Reminder: let me clarify again some very important points: (1) before starting a gluten free diet, it is mandatory to perform an accurate diagnosis done by a medical specialist; (2) be aware that gluten can be present in foods or preparations in a masked and concealed form; (3) it has been shown that the risk of traces of gluten is still present in some preparations deemed not to contain such traces (contamination can occur during packing or bagging); (4) we must ensure that the medicines we may take do not contain gluten; (5) if in doubt about the composition of any product, it is best not to consume it.


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