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What about nonstick coating pots and pans?!

It is much common for all of us to use cooking pots and pans featuring what is known as “nonstick coating”. These utensils have the great advantage of giving us the option to cook without adding any fat to our meals. However, we all have also heard that these nonstick coatings contain components that can be harmful to our health because they can detach from the metal under the action of heat and go get deposited onto the food we would consume. Indeed, one of the components we’re talking about in here is the plastic polymer called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which makes these pots and pans “nonsticking”.

As such, and in order for us to continue our good use of these utensils, I suggest you consider the following tips:

– Always choose nonstick utensils that are of high quality (these integrate a thermal diffuser)

– Pay always attention not to use these utensils for cooking at very high temperatures and/or for a long period time. It is when such a thing occurs that the nonstick coatings get detached from the metal surface and go to get mingled with the food being cooked.

– Use wooden spoons for stirring and manipulating the ingredients of your preparation because these coatings are susceptible to scratches.

– Never delay your decision of saying Goodbye to all nonsticking utensils that become obsolete or “scratched”!!!!

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