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Here are 6 tips to fight constipation

Here are 6 tips to fight constipation

1- Eat dried plum – This kind of dried fruit has a remarkable triple laxative action and this makes it beneficial for fighting constipation: (a) due to the presence of a substance called “dihydroxyphenylisatin” which can stimulate intestinal contractions; (b) due to the presence of sorbitol (a kind of sugar); (c) due to the presence of a high dose of dietary fiber, similarly to all dried fruits.

2- Go for linseed – The laxative effect of linseed is explained by the presence of a substance called “mucilage” which swells on contact with water and thus produces a viscous and gelatinous substance. So, once the stool is loaded with mucilage, it remains soft and this facilitates intestinal transit.

3- Eat oat bran – It is known that oat bran contains a good dose of soluble and insoluble fiber. Such fibers increase the volume of the bolus and change stool consistency, a fact that is favorable to stool circulation in the intestine.

4- Drink a good load of water – It is always advisable to drink plenty of water per day (between 1.5 and 2 liters). Also, note that the magnesium-rich mineral waters have a mild laxative effect and are therefore natural to help foster against constipation. Don’t forget to reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages due to their dehydrating effect.

5 – Practice sport – Since we know that physical inactivity is a major cause of constipation, practicing a sport you like (at least three times a week) is a great way to stimulate the muscles of the abdomen. For example, hiking, walking, running, swimming or cycling are effective sports in this regard.

6- Don’t hold back – it is important to listen to your body: when the need to use the toilet is felt, don’t hold back at any cost. However, when this is not feasible due to lack of time or due to inappropriate conditions, take the habit of going to the toilet at regular times every day.

Caution: The repeated occurrence of constipation episodes requires you to seek the advice of a doctor in order to eliminate any health-related cause. He/she would confirm to you the eventual need to gradually change your diet.

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