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Canned food and additives… 2 questions raised

1- Is it true that canned vegetables are dangerous to our health?

First of all, I’m from those who favor the consumption of vegetables in general. Now, in case you haven’t found your choice other than in cans, I suggest that you rinse well the canned vegetables before consuming them. Moreover, I recommend buying as much as possible vegetables in glass containers or frozen vegetables so that to avoid any substance that could migrate from the coating of the can to the product itself.

2- Why are additives considered “bad” ingredients in food products?

Let’s state first that any ingredient added to our food before we could buy it and which cannot be eaten alone is considered a “food additive”. And not all additives have the same convenience. Indeed, it is not only the presence of such additives that causes the problem, but the real problem lies in the accumulation of these molecules that can interfere between themselves. Thus, the danger is real in the case of people who consume, every day, many products that are rich in additives or large quantities of a product that is rich in additives.

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