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Vitamin supplements!!! Are they the friends or the enemies of our wellbeing?

Also, what about the vitamin E? Well, vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin whose scientific name is “tocopherol”. Since our body is unable to produce it, therefore we must procure it through our food intake. Essentially, the most important sources of vitamin E are oils (specifically sunflower oil), oil-based margarine, oleaginous dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios) and fatty fish. Vitamin E is also present in the fat part of certain foods. This vitamin is sometimes recommended in therapeutic doses due to its protective role in all diseases where the phenomenon of oxidation occurs.

But what about supplements of vitamin E whose merits are boasted by many magazines and commercials? Well, be careful! These vitamin E supplements contain high doses that exceed our daily needs by far. Also, a growing number of opinions is heard to question the value and even the safety of these supplements. So, the key question that I ask myself here is to know the real value of such supplements in a well-nourished population. Indeed, the consumption of vitamins originating from a normal diet has never revealed the presence of adverse effects. So, it is very easy for us to get us all the vitamins we need through a healthy and varied food plan.

Therefore, we must not use such supplements as if they were an insignificant product of which surplus is simply eliminated from the body. Thus, it is essential for us to question regularly, together with our attending physician, the usefulness of these supplements. Let us, finally, stress that the trend aims at eliminating as much as possible such unnecessary supplements. Hence, this leads us to conclude that we should always focus on the variety in your plate!

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