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Have enough sleep… and Eat less!!!

YES, this is a Reality!!! This truth has been proven by several studies and researches conducted by American scientists who confirmed the role of the lack of sleep in promoting gain weight. These researchers showed that having good nights of sleep reduces genetic predisposition to weight gaint. Yes, my dear friends, the less you sleep, the more your genes contribute to your gain weight! Conversely, the more you sleep, the less your genes would affect your weight.

Indeed, an insufficient sleep creates a hormonal imbalance and this leads people, who sleep less than what their normal physiological needs require, to feel many urgencies for snacking throughout the day. This is due to a drop in leptin levels, the hormone of satiety, and to an increased secretion of the hunger hormone, the ghrelin, whose rate usually increases before meals. Hence, it is such phenomenon that stimulates the appetite of these people. Moreover, and generally speaking, the fact of staying awake longer than usually, requires more energy and leads eventually to eating more. Finally, allow me to confirm once again… Yes, we can maintain the nice shape of our body… simply by getting enough sleep at night!!!

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