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7 tips for hitting the festive days in good shape

Soon, the holiday season will be here!!! And soon, the extra kilos will surge up again!!! Well, No! Not necessarily… Here are 7 good health habits to apply today so that we spend those beautiful festive moments in shape and celebrate without feeling guilty!!!

1- Let’s start by preparing our body for these coming few “inevitable” deviations. As such, there’s nothing like betting on vegetables and fruits, in all forms and colors. Steamed or raw, vary the pleasure with these foods packed with antioxidants.
2- Go for whole-wheat bread, whole grains and legumes since these foods contain complex carbohydrates and are high in fiber. They help slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood and subsequently they help escape cravings that take us to prefer sweet-packed foods.
3- Get rid of bad fats. Go for fish and chicken breast instead of red meat, ready-made meals, delicatessen and fatty cheeses that are high in saturated fatty acids.
4- Beware all kinds of too sweet, too fat or too salty foods. Eliminate all kinds of industrial sugar confectionery; pastries, cakes, cookies, chocolates and sugary drinks.
5- Stop drinking alcohol. Since it is devoid of any nutrient, alcohol provides 7 kcal per gram and its consumption leads to an inevitable weight gain.
6- Get friendly with that slimming ally which is simply… water. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. With zero calories, water helps drain metabolic waste, replaces nibbling and acts as a natural appetite suppressant while providing us with a full stomach feeling.
7- Boost your vitality. Start a physical activity, (why not dance!!! It may benefit you during the holiday evenings), or slightly increase the physical activity you usually practice. This will enhance the vitality of your muscles.

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