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Milk and dairy products – What we need to know!

Normally, we all tend to make a quick link between milk and dairy products on one side and calcium and healthy and rigid bones on the other hand. But, is this all what is to know about such food group??? Of course not.

Indeed, the main benefit of milk and dairy products comes from their diversity. This group consists of milk, yoghurt, cheese, fresh cheese, etc. Also, we should know that the nutritional compositions of such varied components are different among themselves and are not identical. What we need to know as well is that there are many interesting properties that have been attributed to milk and dairy products, such as their probiotic effects, their weight regulation and even their protection against colon cancer. Moreover, we already know that milk and dairy products are the main sources of calcium which is essential for anyone and at any age, for a variety of bodily functions, including the production and maintenance of bones. To conclude, it is usual and completely logical for us to confirm that milk and dairy products occupy a prominent place (and in adequate amounts – 3 dairy products per day) in our healthy daily food plan. Moreover, and in order for us to stay in shape and protect ourselves from cardiovascular disease, I recommend that we essentially consume semi-skimmed or skimmed dairy products.

From the nutritional point of view, milk and dairy products are generally known to be a source of…

– Proteins,

– Calcium,

– Vitamin B2

– Vitamins A and D in non-skimmed products

– Lipids, and

– Cholesterol.

On the other side, this food group does not contain any iron or vitamin C.

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