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Swollen belly, bloating... 10 tips to get rid of them easily

Swollen belly, bloating… 10 tips to get rid of them easily

It is generally known that bloating is the result of poor digestion often associated with bad eating habits. Indeed, bloating is caused by an accumulation of gases in the intestine produced by air ingested during the swallowing process and the fermentation of certain foods consumed.

In order to get rid of such a situation, it is recommended that we apply the few following tips:

1 – Avoid eating on the go; take your meals while sitting in a quiet atmosphere and at regular times as much as possible, and avoid stressful situations that disrupt digestion.

2 – Eat slowly since digestion begins in the mouth with saliva. Chew food thoroughly to have a more digestible food bowl.

3 – Split meals and try to avoid large meals. Indeed, the fact of taking three meals with one or two snacks will help you eat less at each meal.

4- Avoid carbonated drinks that cause the distention of the stomach and intestine walls.

5 – Limit the consumption of foods that get fermented in the gut, such as legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.), and some vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc…). Also, limit the consumption of milk due to its content of lactose.

6 – Replace some of your raw fruits and vegetables with the consumption of cooked fruits and vegetables since these are less fermented in the gut.

7 – Avoid industrially-prepared meals as their have a high content of sugar, fat and additives.

8 – Limit your consumption of chewing gum.

9 – Move often and practice regular physical activity since a frequently inactive lifestyle promotes bloating and causes abdominal sagging.

10 – Avoid lying down after meals and do not wear tight clothing around the abdomen.

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