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I don’t like fruits and vegetables… What should I do?!

Although a lot of us may not like eating fruits and vegetables, which are a must in any healthy and balanced diet (since these are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, fibers and minerals), there are still ways to help this type of people consume them in a joyful and delightful way. How? Well, let’s consider the following:

1 – Add some pieces of fruits to your cereals at breakfast or to your yoghurt at snack time.

2 – Try to have an appetizer made of various vegetables to dip in different low-fat sauces.

3 – Have your meat or chicken served with different vegetables-based sauce.

4 – Replace your soda or coke with a tomato juice or apple juice.

5 – Go for dessert made of a colorful, nicely decorated fruit salad with chocolate chips or made of cooked fruits flavored with vanilla or cinnamon.

6 – Decorate your living room with a plate of fruits that don’t need refrigeration. At snack time, you’ll get the habit of grabbing one of these to enjoy.

7 – Prepare snacks in advance which you would take with you to work or elsewhere. These may include slices of multi-colored pepper, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.

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