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Vitamin C is found in bananas?!

Our beloved banana, which is grown in different regions of the world, including Australia and various Asian countries such as Bangladesh and others, deserves the title of the most consumed tropical fruit in the world. This fruit’s texture which is rather that of starchy fruits rather than crisp or juicy fruits is considered as being a type of fruits that are high in carbohydrates (20g/100g).

– Contrary to common belief, bananas are not high in calories: a small banana provides about 90 kcal/100 g. Thus, it can be consumed as a snack.

– Bananas are rich in potassium (which makes them beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system), in magnesium and… in vitamin C (about 12 mg/100 g, twice as much as in an apple)

– This fruit is rich in vitamin B6 which is essential for the synthesis of proteins and for the regulation of our mood

– Bananas are also a good source of dietary fiber (about 2.6 g/100 g). Indeed, this fruit is a very digestible fruit (on the condition that we consume it ripe enough)

– The banana is beneficial for treating diarrhea or irregular bowel movement due to its regulatory effect upon the intestinal transit. And this is a particularly useful advantage for infant feeding, especially when presented mixed with rice or carrots

– Finally, the banana is particularly popular among athletes and workers engaged in strenuous physical activity since the carbohydrates and minerals it contains allow them win their fight against fatigue.

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