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Is it advisable not to store cooked artichoke more than 24 hours in the fridge?

Yes, true, this is advisable since artichoke, once cooked, has a tendency to oxidize rapidly and thus may yield very indigestible bodies. As a result, it is desirable that we consume it within 24 hours after cooking it, regardless of the fact of refrigerating it.
Nutrition-wise, artichoke is a good source of various nutrients that are beneficial to our health, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Also, the vitamin B9 which it contains makes it a beneficial food for pregnant women.
1 – First, the artichoke is a slimming ally and can be an excellent appetite suppressant. It is modestly caloric and high in fibers and proteins which give it that satiating effect.
2 – Artichoke is also good for the liver. In fact, and thanks to the cynarine it contains and which stimulates bile secretion, this vegetable helps protect our liver. Let’s note also that cynarin is largely concentrated in the stem and leaves of the artichoke.
3 – Artichoke is an excellent food for bowel movements due to the soluble and insoluble fibers it contains. On the other hand, the presence of inulin in the artichoke helps it facilitate the stimulation of the intestinal transit and promotes the balance of the intestinal flora. On the other hand, inulin can cause flatulence and bloating for some people. You may ask: How do we recognize the presence of inulin? Simple. After eating artichoke, you will feel the sweet taste of the water you’ll drink.
On the other hand, at the time of buying fresh artichoke, make sure that you choose the pieces that are heavy and firm, and whose leaves are tight, breakable and presenting no trace of dryness on the tips. Finally, why not add a bit of lemon juice while cooking artichoke since this would help prevent its rapid oxidization when in contact with air.

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