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Jujube… 6 benefits that would surprise you!


– Helps in cases of insomnia and stress. It is a fruit that’s rich in flavonoids and in “Jujuboside A” which is transferred to the brain in order to help insomnia and anxiety. – Strengthens the immune system. It is a great help to the immune system due to its impressive high content of vitamin C. – Protects the liver. ...

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Here’s how chia seeds help reduce your appetite

Here's how chia seeds

A natural appetite suppressant: Chia seeds play an important role in regulating appetite and controlling weight. This is due to their gelatinous properties which allow them, when in contact with a liquid, to inflate and turn into gel, a phenomenon that generates a sense of satiety that can last longer. Beneficial for bone health: Chia seeds are very rich in ...

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Checked For You: High carb diet worse than high fat

Checked For You: High carb

Health experts have controversially called for an overhaul of dietary guidelines after a large international study found a diet high in carbohydrate is associated with greater risk of premature death, not a diet high in fat. A study of more than 135,000 people from 18 countries, published in the respected medical journal “The Lancet”, found diets high in carbohydrates were ...

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