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Sunflower seeds… Can they be consumed during a diet?

Sunflower seeds

– A perfect snack Sunflower seeds can very well fit as a delicious and perfect snack since they provide us the feeling of satiety we’re looking for. As such, they ease our appetite and may be quite effective as part of some dieting plans. However, a special attention should be given to the quantity consumed and which should not exceed ...

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Checked For You: McDonald’s to cut global antibiotic use in chickens

Checked For You: McDonald's

McDonald’s Corp (…) said that it would begin curbing the use of the high value human antibiotics in its global chicken supply in 2018, as the fast-food giant joins a broad effort to battle dangerous superbugs. McDonald’s, in a policy statement, said it is working on antibiotic plans for other meats, dairy cows and laying hens. McDonald’s is requiring suppliers ...

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This ingredient makes us want to eat more…

This ingredient makes

We often feel the inability to stop eating this or that product. This feeling leads us to an excessive consumption of that product and this, of course, risks to cause us an unwanted weight gain. This is due to an ingredient contained in such a product. In short, we are talking here about monosodium glutamate, or sodium glutamate, which is ...

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Croissant, plain: Food composition for 100 grams


What follows is a summary of the nutritional composition of 100 grams of… Croissant, plain Calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, etc. Energy (kcal) – 434 Energy (kJ) – 1810 Water (g) – 20.3 Protein (g) – 7.38 Protein, crude (g) – 8.09 Carbohydrate (g) – 39.8 Fat (g) – 25.8 Sugars (g) – 4.69 Starch (g) – 35.1 Dietary fibres ...

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Your kitchen sponge has more germs than your toilet

Your kitchen sponge

In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers from Germany showed just how germy 14 different used kitchen sponges actually were with more bacteria than typically found in the toilet. I say typical because you know the common saying, “different people, different toilets.” The team from Justus–Liebig–University Giessen (Massimiliano Cardinale and Sylvia Schnell), German Research Center for Environmental Health (Tillmann ...

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You should avoid foods containing these additives (Part 1)


– Parabens or E214 to E219: These are conservatives that help prolong food shelf life. Used in cosmetics, they are unfortunately also present in food products, essentially in some: sausages, pie pastas, and confectionery. – BHA or E320 (butylhydroxyanisol) and BHT or E321 (butylhydroxytoluen): These are antioxidants that help avoid food rancidity. They are present in various foods, essentially in ...

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Quick tips for avoiding diet failure

Quick tips for avoiding

– Don’t refrain from taking food for long hours; when you will feel hungry afterwards, you won’t be able to control neither the quantity nor the quality of food you will eat. Thus, all your sacrifices will vanish, a thing that would give you a feeling of failure and despair. – When you’re under the influence of anxiety or stress ...

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Pepper… Which color to choose? And why?!

Red, Green, Yellow or Orange!!!

No doubt that pepper is the leader vegetable in terms of its content in vitamin C. Moreover, it is low in calories and a true antioxidant mine. The pepper is a true ally of our health. – This valuable vegetable is the perfect choice to bring us a wealth of vitamins, mainly vitamin C (126mg / 100g), and minerals, especially ...

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Yogurt, plain and full fat: Food composition for 100 grams


What follows is a summary of the nutritional composition of 100 grams of… Yogurt, plain and full fat Calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, etc. Energy (kcal) – 71.8 Energy (kJ) – 302 Water (g) – 84.1 Protein (g) – 4.12 Protein, crude (g) – 4.04 Carbohydrate (g) – 7.38 Fat (g) – 2.57 Sugars (g) – 4.75 Starch (g) – 0 ...

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