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Checked For You : A simple urine test can tell what you ate

Checked For You : A simple urine test

A simple urine test can reveal whether you had steamed fish or a fat-riddled steak for dinner, and could one day end dietary dishonesty, according to a study published Friday. The test may also boost the health of people suffering from diabetes, obesity or heart disease, the study said. Monitoring calories is notoriously difficult outside a clinical setting because people ...

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Yes, pickled cucumbers are a good source of probiotics, but…

Yes, pickled cucumbers

Indeed, all kinds of pickled food (among which are pickled cucumbers) are rich in probiotics, those favorable bacteria that are good for the intestines. Such bacteria are naturally present in the digestive system and they help in facilitating the digestive process. Their number may be bound to decrease in the presence of certain conditions; taking antibiotics is perhaps one of ...

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Here is the relation between asparagus and the unpleasant urine smell!

Here is the relation between

There is indeed a relationship between the consumption of asparagus and the distinctive, even unpleasant, smell of urine. In fact, this is due to the presence of sulfur compounds that result from the degradation of certain substances (including asparagine) contained in this type of vegetable. On the other hand, asparagus is mainly available in 3 colors: white (completely grown under ...

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Checked For You: Nutella maker fights back against fears over cancer

Checked For You: Nutella

Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, has hit back at claims that palm oil used in their hazelnut and chocolate spreads could cause cancer. In May, the European Food Standards Authority warned that the contaminants found in the oil’s edible form are carcinogenic. It warned that even moderate consumption of the substances represented a risk to children and said that, due ...

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Here’s how you can eat less and not feel hungry anymore

Here's how you can eat less

– Go for solid foods rather than liquids (such as soups and purees). In general, solid foods are high in fibers and they also require good chewing, a thing yhat accelerates the feeling of satiety. – Eat your pasta and vegetables Al Dente. By doing so, they will be digested more slowly than those that are well-cooked, and their impact ...

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5 tips for losing weight after the holidays (Part 2)

5 tips for losing

As promised yesterday, here is the second batch of quick tips that will help you restore balance to your diet at the end of this holiday season: – Consume enough raw vegetables (without forgetting cooked ones) such as artichoke which is good for the liver and which promotes the elimination of toxins, and beetroot which is a mine of antioxidants ...

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5 tips for losing weight after the holidays (Part 1)

5 tips for losing weight

Pale and tired skin, flatulence and gas, digestive and intestinal problems! Do you feel some of these? This is normal for many of us after the holiday season and all that accompanies it in terms of fatty and sugary foods. But, don’t worry as you can quickly restore the balance of your diet if you follow some simple tips, including ...

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