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5 foods for an energized fall season

5 foods for an energized

Oily fish – Rich in omega-3, these good fats (which are beneficial to the heart and brain) play a positive role in improving our mood and emotions, thus helping us fight fatigue which is much encountered with the start of the fall season. Grapes – The essential feature that distinguishes grapes is their content in polyphenols, more specifically resveratrol which ...

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Is it true that full fat yogurt is higher in proteins than skimmed yogurt?

Is it true that full fat

No, this is not true. Indeed, whether they are skimmed, semi-skimmed or full fat, all yogurts contain the same amount of protein. Yogurt is a beneficial food for health. It is perfectly digestible. It stimulates digestive secretions and reinforces the immune system. It strengthens as well our resistance to infections. It also contributes to the intestinal flora equilibrium. On the ...

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Here is the truth about iron contained in spinach

Here is the truth about iron

Contrary to what we always heard from our parents, spinach is not the food that’s the richest in iron. Indeed, it contains a lesser quantity of iron than what we used to hear and of a quality that’s much less absorbed by the body than that of iron found in a good piece of meat, for example. In fact, iron ...

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What could be the effect of nibbling on our weight?

17-	Nibbling... we've all been there

Do you have an idea of nibbling’s impact on our “weight loss objective”? Before giving you some examples, and despite what you’ll read below, rest assured that if you ever crave for a “little bit of something” and you don’t allow it normally, treat yourself and have it! You will not put your shape in danger because of an “extra” ...

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Minced meat!! Here are 5 precautions to consider…

Minced meat... What you should know

Minced meat is a product we usually buy to prepare a variety of Lebanese meals… But… Beware! Minced meat is a fragile product that needs special handling based on strict rules. Indeed, the procedure of mincing meat implies increasing its surface of contact with ambient air, this being an important factor promoting the faster development of harmful microorganisms within it. ...

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Kiwi… A super-fruit to consume all year long

Do you like eating kiwi

A powerful anti-cancer Kiwi fruit has a significant antioxidant activity. It contains polyphenols, carotenes and a decent quantity of vitamin E, making it a powerful food against certain types of cancer. Low in calories The kiwi is low in calories and has a high satiety power. It is thus ideal for those wishing to lose weight. Rich in vitamin C ...

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Brown or white eggs?! Which ones are more nutritious?!

Brown or white eggs

Personally, I prefer brown eggs because they always told me they are more nutritious than white eggs. What do you think? Is this true or false? No, it’s FALSE… Brown or white, the color of the egg shell has nothing to do with its quality, taste or nutritional value. Both types are identical from the nutritional point of view. As ...

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