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Salt is everywhere… Even in sweet products and water!

With the exception of sugar and oil essentially, salt is present naturally in various quantities in all types of foods. In fact, all foods, whether homemade or industrial, are salted in various proportions and are considered the primary source of salt in our plates. For your information, what follows is a list of foods that are high in salt: meat ...

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Is it true that almonds help in lowering bad cholesterol?

Yes, this is true. Although they are quite caloric, raw almonds consumed regularly with their skin and in adequate quantities can be efficient in fighting bad cholesterol (LDL) and can help in lowering its level. Such a benefit is primarily due to almonds’ richness in phytosterols that have the power of partially blocking the absorption of cholesterol, as well as ...

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Fresh or frozen vegetables?! Which are to prefer?

Do you feel that frozen vegetables have lost their vitamin content? Is it preferable to consume fresh vegetables? Well, surprise yourself! In fact, and with the exception of a certain loss in the content of vitamins B1 and C due to the blanching process, the vitamins and minerals content in frozen vegetables is almost similar, if not higher (especially in ...

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Is it true that we shouldn’t wash chicken before cooking it?

Well, and contrary to the common perception that requires washing chicken before cooking it, a thing that is often transmitted to us by our mother or mother-in-law, or which simply arises from our logic and good culinary sense, yes, it is true, we should not wash chicken pieces under running water before cooking them. Such a habit which we believe ...

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Avoiding food poisoning in the kitchen

It is possible for us to avoid food poisoning in the kitchen by adopting some precise and useful rules of hygiene. Some of these are the following: – Make it a habit to wash your refrigerator every 15 days with a light bleach or vinegar solution. – In the fridge, do not mix raw foods brought from the outside with ...

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