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Is it true that fish contains cholesterol?!

Let us start by confirming that fish is a delicious food that’s excellently healthy. However, and as in the case of any product of animal origin, fish does contain cholesterol but in small quantities that are much lower than in the case of meat, for example. In addition, we should note that fish, and due to its high content in ...

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5 reasons that make strawberries a slimming partner

– Strawberries are ideal for people concerned about their weight: It is one of the best “slimming fruits” and among those that are the least caloric. Strawberries provide us with about 32 kcal in 100 g. – Some 150 g/day of this fruit can cover our needs in vitamin C: Strawberries are considered among the most recommended fruits for smokers ...

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Checked For You: Study links social media use and disordered eating

According to an analysis by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, greater social media use among young people is linked to a greater risk of developing an eating disorder. But let’s unpack that a bit. The study participants filled out two questionnaires, one about their social media use, and one that assessed their eating disorder risk. “The results from ...

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The energy slump of 11am… How to avoid it?

Who among us hasn’t got, one day, a feeling of fatigue, lack of concentration and sudden nervousness – all occurring generally around 11am? I think you already got the sense of what I mean – these are the symptoms of the well-known “energy slump”. If you are a victim of such a feeling, here is a simple tip that may ...

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Beware! These situations prevent you from losing weight

Here are some of the situations that may ruin your diet plan and prevent you from losing weight: – Being unable to stop eating before you finish the whole chocolate bar, or the whole pack of biscuits, or the full bag of chips and being unable to set them aside or throw them so that to avoid any future temptation. ...

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Is it true that sunflower oil is rich in cholesterol?

Of course not! In fact, all vegetable oils, and not only sunflower oil, contain essential fatty acids in varying amounts but that are completely free of cholesterol. Moreover, only animal-based foods are the ones that contain cholesterol. Furthermore, vegetable oils (mainly those of the first cold pressing) are rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. Also, and when ...

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