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Mercury in fish!! Which to choose? Tuna or salmon?

Mercury in fish

As we all know, eating fish is good for the health. However, we still have to pay attention to some fish which may contain significant amounts of mercury. As a reminder, mercury is a metal that, when present in high doses, may be toxic to the nervous system, especially during fetal development and in the early years of the child. ...

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An info that’s good to know…

good to know

Freezing foods is a process that slows down the activity and the development of bacteria, but it does not destroy them unfortunately. They would still be there but in an inactive status. However, when unfreezing a food, these bacteria which are always present “wake up” and start their proliferation anew. Therefore, an unfrozen food should be consumed as soon as ...

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6 food types that lead to their excessive consumption

6 food types

It happens sometimes that we keep on feeling hungry all day long and we keep on eating constantly, without really feeling satiated. But why do we feel such an abnormal hunger? And what drives us to consume so much food and remain hungry? Indeed, there are some foods that, when consumed, “open” our appetite and push us to consume more ...

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Losing weight requires adopting the Smart way of shopping

Losing weight requires

In order for us to enjoy food while keeping our goal of losing weight in mind, it is essential that we learn first how to do the shopping at the supermarket. This is an essential thing to consider. In fact, eating healthy means that the fridge and cupboards must be almost free of sweets, pastries and various other “good things” ...

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Fructose, or fruit sugar… When does it become harmful to our health?


The fructose is a simple sugar that’s found naturally in many types of food such as, essentially, in fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables and honey. Its taste is similar to that of ordinary sugar although it has a sweetening effect that’s twice the effect of ordinary sugar. The commercially available fructose takes either of two forms. First, it is frequently ...

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Latest news: It’s a hormone that makes that men lose weight easier than women

It’s a hormone

The scientific journal “Molecular Metabolism” has recently published a report stating that researchers from the University of Aberdeen in the UK and from the University of Michigan in the US have, again, declared that men and women are not alike in what relates to their weight loss and gain. According to these researchers, this conclusion comes from the behavior of ...

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12 factors contributing to the appearance of cellulite

12 factors

Cellulite, also called “orange peel”, is an unappealing physiological phenomenon that affects women almost exclusively (whether thin or overweight). We should note here that weight gain, and contrary to what some might think, is not responsible for the appearance of cellulite but it may make it more visible. Furthermore, various studies have shown that the appearance of cellulite is influenced ...

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What to do with a partially moldy food? Should we throw it or not?

What to do with a partially moldy

It happens, sometimes, that we find a piece of lemon (or other vegetable) forgotten in the bottom of the fridge’s vegetables container or a piece of apple (or other fruit) in the lower part of a kitchen basket. We find that it’s partially spoiled and covered with a grayish green cottony substance; this is mold. So, the question now is: ...

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