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Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, how to eliminate them?

Pesticide residues

– Try consuming fruits and vegetables that naturally have a thick skin which protects them in a better way than others types. Examples: Avocado, pineapple, melon, orange, grapefruit, mango, etc. – Choose fruits and vegetables that are locally cultivated since imported ones usually travel from far and are often excessively sprayed with pesticides so that to better preserve them. – ...

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Latest news: People tend to eat more when they choose healthy foods!

People tend

Several recently published studies have shown that people tend to eat a larger portion when it’s a case of “healthy foods”. Also, and contrary to all expectations, such an attitude obviously leads to weight gain, whether we like it or not! According to several studies conducted and reported by the AFP agency, foods labeled as “healthy” are perceived by consumers ...

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7 tips for an anti-fatigue winter

7 tips

It is true that the weather these days is not the one we prefer having : gray days, great cold and icy winds. As such, do you feel some lack of energy and a bit of fatigue? If so, here are some tips that will raise your mood and make you defeat this seasonal fatigue. – Take a good dose ...

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Did you ever imagine that green tomatoes can be toxic?

green tomatoes

Indeed, immature tomatoes (green and not yet ripened) contain a somehow high rate of solanine (about 30 mg in 100 g), an alkaloid that can cause sweating, vomiting or respiratory disturbances. Such solanine is essentially concentrated in the skin, seeds or flowers of the tomato. Moreover, the storage method of such tomatoes or the probability of being hit during their ...

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The eggplant: A source of antioxidants that’s low in calories

The eggplant

– The eggplant is a true ally of those wishing to maintain a healthy weight. Indeed, it is low in calories as it only contains around 20 kcal/100 g. – This type of vegetables is rich in fibers, primarily in pectins which give it a high satiating power. In addition, such pectins could play a beneficial role in preventing cardiovascular ...

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Latest news: The nisin, a new natural anti-cancer medium

The nisin

Several scientific websites have announced today that a team of researchers recently discovered the cancer-fighting powers of a natural food preservative that also is effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria. This seems a first step towards the development of new treatments based on this conservative. Knowing beforehand that the first means of prevention against cancer is achieved through adopting a healthy ...

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Here is the result of pursuing restrictive diets

restrictive diets

To ensure its proper functioning, our body is in constant need of energy and essential nutrients. However, and unfortunately, when we keep on trying a multitude of overly restrictive diets which subject us to successive deprivations, our body becomes, with time, exposed to several problems that manifest on both the physical and psychological levels. Among these problems, we would cite ...

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Latest news: Here’s why we should avoid soft drinks

soft drinks

According to a survey published last week in Le Figaro, the high sugar content in soft drinks proves to be a significant source of health problems, such as overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cellular aging. According to Dr. Patrick Serog, nutritionist doctor in Paris, consuming a small amount of such drinks is not a problem even for those who ...

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