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Checked For You: Butter is NOT so bad, major study claims

Scientists have discovered that eating one tablespoon of butter a day had little impact on overall mortality, no significant link with cardiovascular disease and strokes – and could even have a small effect in reducing the risk of diabetes. The robust research – one of the largest meta-studies to be carried out on the health effects of butter – adds ...

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Checked For You: Being overweight ‘may be less unhealthy’

Being overweight may not be as unhealthy as it was 40 years ago, Danish research suggests. The study found the “moderately” overweight now had lower rates of early death than those who were normal weight, underweight or obese. The work, published in JAMA, looked at many thousands of people’s height, weight and death rates at three different time periods since ...

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Here’s how to help your brain control your eating habits

1- Help your brain with its production of dopamine and serotonin (happiness hormones). How? By practicing half an hour of walking per day. You’ll then ask: But what’s the point in this? Well, this will help you stay calm throughout your day. Therefore, you will be less subjected to food cravings. By doing so, you will be able to control ...

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Is it true that it’s not possible to freeze liquid milk?

No, this is not true. In fact, liquid milk (whether pasteurized or sterilized) may well be frozen but this, of course, must be done under certain conditions. What follows are the essential ones: 1- Our freezer should keep adequate freezing temperature (around -25 °C) and must be supplied with electricity without interruption. 2- Freezing can only be done in the ...

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What impact do “Selfies” have on weight loss?

Losing weight is not always an easy task. For this reason, here is today the first part of a number of easy to apply tips which will help you reach your goal over time. We will be publishing the second part some time during next week. – Take “selfies” every day while focusing on your curves. Afterwards, compare the photos ...

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Is it true that watermelon belongs to the same family as cucumbers?

Yes, this is true. Watermelon belongs to the same family as cucumbers, gourds and zucchini. Furthermore, and in addition to being a refreshing food, watermelon is rich in antioxidants, essentially lycopene which is known to be beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and prostate cancer. This food is also rich in potassium, it provides a certain quantity of vitamin ...

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