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Here is the result of pursuing restrictive diets

To ensure its proper functioning, our body is in constant need of energy and essential nutrients. However, and unfortunately, when we keep on trying a multitude of overly restrictive diets which subject us to successive deprivations, our body becomes, with time, exposed to several problems that manifest on both the physical and psychological levels. Among these problems, we would cite ...

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Latest news: Here’s why we should avoid soft drinks

According to a survey published last week in Le Figaro, the high sugar content in soft drinks proves to be a significant source of health problems, such as overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cellular aging. According to Dr. Patrick Serog, nutritionist doctor in Paris, consuming a small amount of such drinks is not a problem even for those who ...

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5 slimming resolutions for the New Year

1- Learn how to say “NO”! In general, and in order to please others, we often tend to say “Yes”, to accept everything, and to being too nice even at the expense of our nerves, our time and our well-being. This behavior leads too often to emotional trauma and frustration which often finds refuge in foods, especially fatty and sugary ...

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