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Is it true that smoked salmon is a food rich in carbohydrates?

No, this is not true. In fact, smoked salmon, which is prepared from a salmon fillet that has been salted and dehydrated in the course of smoking, is a carbohydrate-free (or almost free) food. Moreover, we should note that smoked salmon is rich in Omega-3 that has a protective role enhancing cardiovascular health and that helps maintain vision and cognitive ...

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10 tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

1- Take advantage of your shopping journeys and preparations to move further and burn more calories before reaching party time. 2- Before the festive evening, avoid skipping a meal and do not deprive yourself too much. This will only heighten your appetite and give you an irresistible desire for anything that is sweet and fatty during the evening. 3- When ...

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Checked For You : How your Yo-Yo diet could make you gain weight

The festive season is fast approaching, and many of you may be looking to lose some weight in time for those Christmas parties, but be warned: Yo-Yo dieting could be the reason you can’t shed those pounds. A collaborative study between Exeter and Bristol University, published in Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, indicated that Yo-Yo dieting can actually lead to ...

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Is it advisable not to store cooked artichoke more than 24 hours in the fridge?

Yes, true, this is advisable since artichoke, once cooked, has a tendency to oxidize rapidly and thus may yield very indigestible bodies. As a result, it is desirable that we consume it within 24 hours after cooking it, regardless of the fact of refrigerating it. Nutrition-wise, artichoke is a good source of various nutrients that are beneficial to our health, ...

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“Heshley Barbara…” Wheat is what?

Who among us has not watched or took part in the stroll of the neighborhood’s children during these days of the year, who would run and knock at the doors of neighbors, friends and family and sing happily and loudly “Heshley Barbara, Ma3 banat el hara…” Katayef stuffed with kashta or nuts, macarons, 3awamat, boiled wheat… We find, during this ...

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