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Latest news: Is it true that yoga helps us lose weight?

Is it true that yoga

A recent French study organized by Nutrinet-Health and published in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” has recently concluded, and for the first time, that the risk of obesity would be reduced by 50% if we start practicing relaxation exercises. Indeed, mind-body disciplines like yoga, meditation and relaxation therapy are henceforth recommended by a large number of health professionals because ...

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Latest news: What your father ate influenced your weight

What your father ate

According to a current study published on December 4th on the scientific website “Science Daily” based on a report appearing in the medical journal “Cell Metabolism”, a team of researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research have collected an increasingly large amount of evidence that parents’ lifestyle and the environment they inhabit even long before they ...

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What about vitamin supplements? Should we take some?

What about vitamin

In order to ensure a proper daily intake of vitamins, many people prefer taking the shortest route and opt for vitamin supplements rather than for the (painful!) daily planning of a good food plan. But what risks do these people take with such supplements? First, and as a reminder, vitamins play an indispensable and specific role in ensuring the balance ...

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Smart ideas for cholesterol-free holidays…

Smart ideas for cholesterol-free

Although the holiday season is for many of us synonymous to jovial times, happy encounters and days flooded with love, happiness, feasts and sweet habits that are passed from one generation to another, it is also for others among us a source of anxiety, of challenges and of a lot of temptations and unhealthy foods of which many of us ...

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Latest news: Probiotics found in yogurt help you lose weight


According to a recent study published last December 7 in the scientific journal “Obesity”, it seems that probiotics, the “good bacteria”, could help obese and overweight people lose weight due to their capacity to absorb bodily fat. As such, that study came to reveal that what we eat can drastically change the nature of the bacteria that make up our ...

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What is a serving of bread and its derivatives?

What is a serving

Let me first remind you once again that each of us is allowed to consume a certain number of servings per day, out of each of the food groups, and according to his/her needs and level of physical activity and as determined by the doctor or health specialist. Therefore, I wished to offer you today a simple and approximate definition ...

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Interesting Q&A on various types of bread (Part 1)

Interesting Q&A

1- Do I have to refrain from eating bread if I wish to lose weight? Bread belongs to the group of carbohydrates which are a major source of energy. Moreover, the portions of carbohydrates to be consumed differ between one person and another as this depends on the age, on particular needs from all food groups, on the health status, ...

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Latest news: Losing weight starts from the head!

Losing weight starts

A new study conducted by researchers from the “Orlando Health” hospital centers in Florida has announced that the essential thing to do for losing weight is to start by being aware of our mental state rather than our physical condition. Hence, and instead of wasting time trying this or that new diet to the point of not knowing which is ...

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