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11 practical tips against bloating and gases

1- Don’t drink water directly from the bottle or with a straw, but rather in a glass. 2- Reduce your intake of chewing gum and hard candies. 3- Don’t eat too fast, without chewing well or while talking since this may lead to the introduction of too much air in the intestines, a common cause of indigestion and flatulence. 4- ...

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Latest news: Do you know why you’re inclined to Junk Food?

This news was published last November 5 in the scientific journal “Obesity Society”. As a fact, and according to a recent study conducted by a group of scientists from the Imperial College of London, if you think you can’t stand in front of a mighty hamburger or a deliciously sugary cake, this has perhaps nothing to do with your determination ...

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Tiredness?! Cold starting?! Here are your 5 “energy foods”!!

Outside temperatures are beginning to drop… and the morale with them too! During such days, our immune system is constantly “on the warpath”; garbage is everywhere on the streets and viruses are flourishing around us… Everything is there to poison our lives. Result: A great fatigue and a cold are ready to attack. However, and fortunately for us, we are ...

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The cutting board!! Hygienic or a bacteria nest?

The cutting board is an essential tool that we use in our kitchen on an almost daily basis. Yet, too many of us tend to overlook the importance of buying the right type of such an accessory which is in direct contact with our food. Should it be made of wood, plastic or glass? What type of boards should we ...

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