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Latest news: Men eat more when in the presence of women

Indeed… This has been scientifically proven. A group of Cornell University researchers has conducted a study in an Italian restaurant in the United States and they have succeeded in proving that men eat more in the presence of women: They consume some 93% more of pizza, as well as 86% more of salads! This would be a way for them ...

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Common mistakes leading to weight gain

The mistakes we commit every day and which contribute unknowingly to weight gain are endless. In fact, everything around us can have a negative impact on our body in a way or another and without us realizing it. Thus, here are a few of a long list of such errors we can commit: – Being a major consumer of “light” ...

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Goji berries – An impressive super nutritious fruit!

Originally, goji berries (also called wolfberry berries) came to us from the northwest of China. These tiny pieces of fruit are normally exported as dried seeds which have a slightly sweet taste. Moreover, goji berries are known since thousands of years for their capacity to strengthen our immune system and fight against fatigue. Nutrition-wise, goji berries containing some 18 kinds ...

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What if I was suffering from bulimia!

To begin with, let me clarify that this article is only intended to define bulimia and should only be considered for informative purposes. Thus, it is always advisable that an in-depth discussion of a bulimia case should be conducted with a healthcare professional. 1- Bulimia is considered part of eating disorders and it mostly affects the female population. 2- Bulimia ...

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Latest news: Two new fibers to fight obesity

At the beginning of this month of November 2015, the “British Journal of Nutrition” published a study, conducted by a group of researchers in nutritional sciences from the universities of Jumonji, Nagoya and Nagasaki (Japan), during which they isolated two types of fibers from barley and oats. These are the resistant beta-glucans and the hydrogenated resistant beta-glucans. At the end ...

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A quick tip for a “light” dinner with friends

It’s Saturday night and you’re invited for a dinner at your friends’ house. But, you don’t want to “break down” in front of delicious food and have back those kilos you’ve already lost? Here’s a little tip to avoid this situation: Before leaving home, eat one boiled egg or a cup of fat-free yogurt with some vegetables. Also, once there, ...

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