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True/False (Part 11)

T-F Part 11

Is it true that tomatoes are not recommended for those suffering from high uric acid levels in the blood? FALSE… This wrong idea received on the negative relationship between tomatoes and uric acid is false since tomatoes have a very low content of purine and no medical or scientific study has proved such widespread assumption. As for people suffering from ...

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Unusual news: Clothes for weight loss soon!

Unusual news

Imagine, dear friends, that it was recently announced (about two weeks ago) that it will soon be possible to lose weight without making any effort and simply by wearing “chilling” clothes to be marketed under the brand “Thin Ice”. The Canadian designers of this brand are currently raising funds on the Indiegogo financing platform for the purpose of manufacturing their ...

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Figs… A dessert of less than 100 calories!


Some figs for dessert, what would you say? Seems a good idea, right? Let’s start by saying that figs, either fresh or dried, comprise many health benefits. In addition, dried figs are characterized by a slightly higher nutrient concentration. 1- Although they are a pretty sweet fruit, figs are not high in calories: about 25 Kcal per small piece. Also, ...

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When it’s hot… Here’s what we can do!

When it’s hot

1- Consume salt in reasonable quantities: Although it is essential to avoid excess salt and to completely avoid salty dishes which promote thirst and dehydration, we must keep on consuming a reasonable amount of salt since it lets us recover certain minerals wasted through heavy perspiration. 2- Don’t throw yourself on cold water: It’s true that cold water feels wonderful ...

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Soon, Kellogg’s products without artificial colorings


If you are a consumer of Kellogg’s products, you should know that you will soon have the benefit of consuming your product without artificial coloring. Indeed, and according to what Reuters reported on August 4, the Spokesman of Kellogg’s group, Mrs. Kris Charles, said: “We are working on removing artificial colorings and flavors from all our cereal brands and from ...

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Is it true that stupidity is now… curable?

Is it true that stupidity

This story relates to the development by German scientists of a medicine for the treatment of… stupidity. In fact, this piece of news is an “old one” (it dates from a few years ago) that was suddenly retransmitted during last week by a number of media sources. However, I thought I would share it with you today at the least ...

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Here’s how you can burn your calories…

Here's how you can burn

As we all know, our body is in a constant need for energy in order function properly. We also know that any caloric intake that is in excess of our daily needs will be stored by the body. Therefore, the best way to eliminate such excess calories is by wasting them physically through a multitude of physical activities. Let us ...

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Looking for types of foods that may help you lose weight?

Looking for types

Every time you feel like getting rid of a few kilos, and whatever food style or plan you choose, you can try to integrate a few of the foods I’m proposing below and which have the advantage of being either very low in calorie (so they limit your overall daily caloric intake), or a natural provider of a strong feeling ...

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