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Warning!! Fast food can weaken our memory capacities!

If we would rely on a new study published on June 19, we would notice that eating too much fat foods can have adverse effects on our ability to memorize things and events. This was revealed by a new study conducted by scientists from the University of California and to which took part some 646 people. As such, that group ...

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5 mistakes to avoid if you wish to lose weight

1- Following a “Standard” diet or a “Stars” diet – This is the first of the mistakes to avoid. Let’s pay attention to the fact that we should never follow any diet we’ve heard about through the media, or our friends or neighbors who claim it is indeed efficient and “Number One”. We are all different from each other and ...

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The “smart” patch, a promising invention for diabetics

Here are some good promising news for around 387 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide. According to a publication which appeared on June 23 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”, a group of American researchers have succeeded in testing an insulin injection in mice through an intelligent patch which is capable of detecting any increase in blood ...

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