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How much calories are there in mango, papaya, pineapples, etc…?

How much calories 2

Following the article which I posted last week, I received several requests insisting on having the list of calories provided by a certain number of fruits. But first, and generally speaking, we should recall that fruits are a refreshing food due to their high water content. Also, their caloric intake is generally low. In addition, fruits provide us with a ...

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True/False (Part 10)

Part 10

Is it true that eating apples helps fight bad cholesterol? TRUE… Apart from being a fruit that’s not rich in calories but in antioxidants and micronutrients, the apple is also one of the foods that helps fight bad cholesterol due to its high content in pectin and soluble fibres which help reduce the absorption of cholesterol and fat by our body. ...

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What if we were not responsible for our nibbling habits all day long?!


Imagine that this is what has just announced a group of researchers from Rutgers University (in the United States). In fact, the results of the study conducted by these researchers and published in the “Cell Reports” scientific journal show that “compulsive nibbling” is due to a hormone known by the code “GLP-1”. Is this revelation realistic? Is it true that ...

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How much proteins do we need per day?

How much proteins

Do we all need the same amount of protein per day? No! Do we need to diversify their sources? Yes! Is it true that an excessive intake of proteins is not recommended for health reasons? Absolutely yes!! We all know that proteins are present in various foods and in highly variable quantities. Moreover, the quality of such proteins is an ...

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To lose weight, we must not believe in “miracle” products

To lose weight

Once again, the French National Agency for the safety of medicines and health products (ANSM) is here to reaffirm the dangers to which we are exposed by way of taking any of those “miracle” products that promise us a perfectly slim body and the rapid loss of our excess kilos. In fact, the new recently published annual report of the ...

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Our tips and tricks for choosing a “good” ripe watermelon

Our tips and tricks

As soon as summer starts feeling really hot and when temperatures reach an unbearable level, what’s better than a good portion of watermelon to cool us off and quench our thirst? Also, wouldn’t you like to have on your dinner table a good portion of red and sweet watermelon topped with pieces of cheese? 1- To start with, did you ...

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How would you know if you have magnesium deficiency?

How would you know

Did you know that magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and that it is an active part in more than 300 bodily chemical reactions? And did you know that half of this mineral’s content is found in bones and teeth? In addition, magnesium is used by the muscles to help regulate muscle contractions. Also, it ...

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