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True/False (Part 9)

food smell

They say watermelon does not contain lycopene, is this true? FALSE… In fact, and in addition to being delicious and refreshing, watermelon is actually a rich source of lycopene which is a natural pigment, soluble and belonging to the carotenoid family. Lycopene is considered a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Let’s note also that lycopene content in watermelon (and in ...

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10 tips for spending a “Light” summer

10 tips for spending a "Light" summer

There’s no doubt that summer holidays mean to us the beach, mountain trips, outings, picnics, wedding ceremonies, long evenings with friends or family, etc. So many occasions offering us the chance to attend a buffet, a barbecue, and a bunch of other gourmet delights. However, the challenge we’re facing in such a situation is to know how to benefit the ...

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The avocado, a new hope for fighting acute leukemia?

The avocado

It was just recently (on June 15th) that a new Canadian study revealed that the avocado is bringing a new hope for researchers trying to find a treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, the disease for which there is still no promising treatment and whose risk of mortality remains very high. According to the findings of this scientific research, published in ...

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The melon, for a healthy skin and a lasting tan!

The melon

There’s no doubt that the melon, that delicious summer fruit by far, is a good option to enjoy on the beach or as a refreshing fruit desert at the end of meals. The melon is poor in calories and particularly concentrated in protective micronutrients. Among its various tasty shapes and colors, the best known melon type is the Charente Cantaloup ...

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To live longer and healthier: eat raw almonds, walnuts or peanuts

To live longer

Just a few days ago, a study conducted by Dutch researchers has been published in the scientific journal “International Journal of Epidemiology” and has revealed that a daily consumption of some 10 to 15 grams of almonds, walnuts or peanuts, which we should consume raw and unprocessed, would reduce by an average of 23% the risk of mortality due to ...

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Peach, a refreshing fruit that is low in calories


I invite you today dear friends to have a look with me at the “identity card” of the peach. Essentially, this fruit is distinguished by the following: – Peach is a stone-fruit that is rich in water and low in calories. Indeed, this fruit contains 54 calories in 100 grams. – Peach is also rich in polyphenols which are antioxidants ...

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Beware the noise, it makes us gain weight!

Beware the noise

Have you ever thought about the effect exerted by noise on your waistline? Is it true that noise can make you gain some weight? Imagine that researchers have just revealed that this is true indeed. Just a few days ago, a Swedish study conducted by the Karolinska Institute was published in several international magazines (Time, Daily Mail, etc.) to inform ...

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Coconut oil: Is it beneficial to our health or to the business?

Coconut oil

Since I am recently receiving a growing number of questions relating to coconut oil which has become so “fashionable” lately, I decided today to unveil some truths about this oil in order for us to see if it’s really beneficial to our health or not. First, let’s begin by defining coconut oil (or copra oil): It’s an oil that is ...

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