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True/False (Part 8)

red green pepper

Is it true that fatty fish helps protect against heart diseases? TRUE… We all know that fish (grilled of course) is a healthy and beneficial food choice for our health. Also, it is advisable that we consume two servings of fish per week, one of which is fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring, etc.). *** IMPORTANT: In the case ...

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When we lose weight, where does that burnt fat go?!

When we lose weight

Have you ever wondered on the fate of that fat which we burn? You do know that when we lose weight, we normally lose fat, among other things. But where does that fat go?!! Through the muscles as it is always said? Absolutely not… This is what is revealed by an article published some time ago in the respected scientific ...

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The Cranberry… That little berry with lots of benefits!

The Cranberry

The cranberry, a widely fashionable fruit, is a small acidulated red berry that is quite rich in vitamin C and which was initially produced in North America where it was known since the sixteenth century. It is also particularly appreciated for its nutritional virtues and antioxidant properties. Cranberry can be consumed as fresh fruit, dried fruit or in the form ...

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SmartPlate, an intelligent plate that analyzes your calories?!


I’m sure you will find today’s news (just like me) cool, fun and of course interesting from a technological point of view. If you have dreamt of having a plate that identifies, evaluates and counts the calories of your lunch or dinner, stop dreaming and read this article on the SmartPlate, that intelligent plate the news of which are invading ...

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Would you care for tasty Lebanese bagels (Ka3k 3assrouniyyé)?

Would you care for some Lebanese bagels

There is no doubt that our famous Lebanese bagels (Ka3k) awakens in many of us a lot of childhood memories and a certain sweet nostalgia… and that’s my case too! I still remember those summer days during which, immediately after my shower of the afternoon, I used to stand at the window of our house overlooking the main street where ...

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“Thin” doesn’t always mean “Healthy”!

"Thin" doesn’t

There has been dozens and dozens of years already since the world of media, advertising, fashion and show business makes us believe that the “super thin” lovely woman (who could stroll under the sun without shadow) is the one to mystify and take as example by all women of the world. These people want us to believe that such women ...

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Zumba helps you burn a good load of calories BUT…!


You have probably heard already of the famous Zumba dance… or you may have already practiced it yourself??? But what is it exactly and what are the limits of this fashionable sport that’s igniting our country as well as the whole of Europe and the US, especially with the approach of summer and the beach season? And what’s behind this ...

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