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True/False (Part 2)


Do 20g of margarine contain more calories than 20g of butter? FALSE… Indeed 20 g of margarine contain as many calories as 20 g of butter (148 kcal/20 g or 740 kcal/100 g), and 83% of fat. However, these two nutritional details are the only ones that are common between margarine and butter. Does « sodium » value on a product ...

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Defrosting meat, poultry and fish – the right method to use

Defrosting meat, poultry and fish

First, it is essential to know and remember that you should never defrost meat, poultry and fish to room temperature, near a heat source or under direct sunlight. This will promote the growth of bacteria that will multiply quickly and make us risk food poisoning. On the other hand, it is recognized worldwide that there are 4 methods used to ...

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Eggs and salmonella. How do we protect ourselves?

Eggs and salmonella

Amidst all that hype about food safety we are witnessing these recent days, and in order to give you more scientific information on the handling of an essential nutrient used in our kitchen, let me focus today on eggs and what we should know about them. 1- We should only buy eggs that are sold in closed containers and which ...

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Canned food and additives… 2 questions raised

Canned food and additives

1- Is it true that canned vegetables are dangerous to our health? First of all, I’m from those who favor the consumption of vegetables in general. Now, in case you haven’t found your choice other than in cans, I suggest that you rinse well the canned vegetables before consuming them. Moreover, I recommend buying as much as possible vegetables in ...

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An apple a day… What’s good about it anyway?

An apple a day

Historically, research shows us that our adorable apple came from Asia Minor where the apple tree grew in the wild. It has been already 3000 years that the Chinese knew the apple and enjoyed it with great pleasure. Subsequently, our beloved apple found a way to land here, in the Middle East, after passing in the lands of the Greeks ...

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Quinoa… that “gluten free” seed full of virtues!

Quinoa... that "gluten free" seed full of virtues!

Coming from South America, quinoa is a seed that has been consumed since ages, since at least 7000 years. It was made famous by the tribe of the Incas. This herbaceous plant belongs to the family of Chenopodiaceae, just like spinach and beet. Covered with saponin (a bitter resin that naturally repels birds), quinoa seeds do not need to be ...

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Turmeric… that anti-inflammatory star!

Turmeric… that anti-inflammatory star!

Turmeric, that delightful spice which has been used for thousands of years, is part of the Indian curry which is known for its exceptional virtues to our health condition. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of turmeric is due to the presence of curcumin (a proficient component of turmeric). So, we should know that turmeric is quite effective against digestive inflammations. ...

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Potatoes … How to choose them and how and where to store them?

Potatoes ... How to choose them

Firstly, and in order to ensure our choice of good quality potatoes, we should make sure to touch each piece of them and to observe their shape. We should only choose those that are firm and those that don’t contain sprouts. In addition, we must choose potatoes that do not show any green spots since these spots contain a substance ...

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