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Jujube… 6 benefits that would surprise you!


– Helps in cases of insomnia and stress. It is a fruit that’s rich in flavonoids and in “Jujuboside A” which is transferred to the brain in order to help insomnia and anxiety. – Strengthens the immune system. It is a great help to the immune system due to its impressive high content of vitamin C. – Protects the liver. ...

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Here’s how chia seeds help reduce your appetite

Here's how chia seeds

A natural appetite suppressant: Chia seeds play an important role in regulating appetite and controlling weight. This is due to their gelatinous properties which allow them, when in contact with a liquid, to inflate and turn into gel, a phenomenon that generates a sense of satiety that can last longer. Beneficial for bone health: Chia seeds are very rich in ...

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Checked For You: High carb diet worse than high fat

Checked For You: High carb

Health experts have controversially called for an overhaul of dietary guidelines after a large international study found a diet high in carbohydrate is associated with greater risk of premature death, not a diet high in fat. A study of more than 135,000 people from 18 countries, published in the respected medical journal “The Lancet”, found diets high in carbohydrates were ...

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Sunflower seeds… Can they be consumed during a diet?

Sunflower seeds

– A perfect snack Sunflower seeds can very well fit as a delicious and perfect snack since they provide us the feeling of satiety we’re looking for. As such, they ease our appetite and may be quite effective as part of some dieting plans. However, a special attention should be given to the quantity consumed and which should not exceed ...

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Checked For You: McDonald’s to cut global antibiotic use in chickens

Checked For You: McDonald's

McDonald’s Corp (…) said that it would begin curbing the use of the high value human antibiotics in its global chicken supply in 2018, as the fast-food giant joins a broad effort to battle dangerous superbugs. McDonald’s, in a policy statement, said it is working on antibiotic plans for other meats, dairy cows and laying hens. McDonald’s is requiring suppliers ...

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This ingredient makes us want to eat more…

This ingredient makes

We often feel the inability to stop eating this or that product. This feeling leads us to an excessive consumption of that product and this, of course, risks to cause us an unwanted weight gain. This is due to an ingredient contained in such a product. In short, we are talking here about monosodium glutamate, or sodium glutamate, which is ...

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Croissant, plain: Food composition for 100 grams


What follows is a summary of the nutritional composition of 100 grams of… Croissant, plain Calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, etc. Energy (kcal) – 434 Energy (kJ) – 1810 Water (g) – 20.3 Protein (g) – 7.38 Protein, crude (g) – 8.09 Carbohydrate (g) – 39.8 Fat (g) – 25.8 Sugars (g) – 4.69 Starch (g) – 35.1 Dietary fibres ...

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