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Winter and Vitamin D… What to do?

So, what should we do to get a good source of vitamin D during the coming months? To begin with, let’s note that vitamin D (or calciferol or antirachitic vitamin) is a fat soluble vitamin; that is to say, it is soluble in fat. What makes it special is the fact that its main source is produced by the body ...

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An “apple” or a “pear”?

No, I’m not talking about your dessert… but about the shape of our body which we tend to have with a few extra kilos, making our body look like an apple (Android) or a pear (Gynoid). In fact, and regardless of our BMI (already discussed on this page – please see post below), it is known that there are two ...

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Avoid taking your tea during or just after a meal

Why should we avoid taking our tea during or just after a meal? Well, this is true because the tea consumed during or just after a meal diminishes the absorption of iron contained in vegetables foods, such as dried vegetables (pulses), cereals, vegetables, etc. As such, you will have to wait for 1 to 2 hours after you’ve finished your ...

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HDL or LDL?!

When we say HDL, we’re talking here about the “Good Cholesterol”. The role of these famous HDL is to eventually clean our arteries of all lipid deposits of poor quality and therefore reduce the risk of developing an atheromatous plaque. Conversely, when we say LDL, we’re talking here about “Bad Cholesterol”. These LDL deposit the cholesterol molecules onto the walls ...

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YES, you can speak; NO, you cannot sing!

What are we talking about in here? Well, this concerns the times of the day when you engage in physical endurance activity (jogging, biking, skiing, swimming, etc.) so that you get rid of those few extra kilos. In fact, there is a little tip to follow so that you could determine the ideal level of exercise intensity which you have ...

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